Date: 03/30/11

Broker/Owner/Managers Session -Legal Update

Association update with Michael Kelly. Call 464-0191 to reserve your seat or online at! Brokers, Owners and Managers only, please.

Date: 03/30/11

WCR-Green Trends

Join the Women’s Council of REALTORS for this Green Seminar with the wonderful Roseann Farrow as speaker. Lunch is included. Call Marilyn Gibbons at 33-7494 or email her at to reserve your seat. Click here for additional information.

Date: 03/21/11

Regional Housing Market Continues To Sputter-Prices Inch Upward


          Based on statistics released today by the Greater Capital Association of REALTORS® (GCAR) the residential real estate market in New York’s Capital Region continues to sputter as buyers hesitate to take action. At the same time prices continue to inch upward as sellers refuse to cave in to buyer expectations.  The report is based upon data collected by the Capital Region Multiple Listing Service, Inc. a regional service owned by GCAR and the Saratoga Schenectady Schoharie Association of REALTORS®, Inc.

Paul Semanek (348-7100 Ext. 502), GCAR president says, “Housing sales continue their rather lethargic performance in the Capital Region even as we expect to see the recovery start sooner rather than later. We feel part of this winter’s woes are a result of the difficult winter we have experienced.” He adds, “Buyers tend to stay at home, warm and dry, with less interest in shopping for housing when the weather is poor. It is an expected consequence of particularly poor weather but might dissuade buyers at a time when most barometers would say this is the time to buy. With mortgage interest rates continuing to be low; and with an ample inventory of homes this is a wonderful time to be a buyer.”

James Ader (464-0191 Ext. 16), GCAR’s chief executive officer says, “Conditions are ripe right now to be a buyer in our market. At the same it is clear that sellers will not give up substantial equity to make a sale. The slowly increasing sales prices points to sellers recognizing that buyers have the advantage right now but sellers also expect the market to turn fairly soon.”

 “We would suggest to buyers that trying to time the market is as often as not unproductive. Take a look at the social and economic benefits of purchasing real estate and talk to your REALTOR® about taking advantage of the best market buyers have seen in many years,” says Mr. Semanek. “Low interest rates and an attractive inventory of homes for sale make this a wonderful time to purchase. We think you’ll be surprised what your housing dollars can purchase.”

              GCAR is a professional trade association representing 2,700 real estate professionals in the Capital Region. GCAR is the “Voice for Real Estate ™ in the Capital Region.