Staff Directory



Tel #518-464-0191 • Fax #518-464-0196

Chief Executive Officer Laura Burns Ext. 16 |
Assistant to CEO Sherry Marr Ext. 23 |
Director of Finance Linda Xu Ext. 14 |
Director of Professional Development Debbie Isom Ext. 15 |
Communications Manager Meghan Reed Ext. 22 |
Member Management Michele Miaski Ext. 11 |
Professional Services Administrator Colleen Connelly Ext. 10 |
Receptionist Kim Demczar Ext. 13 |



Tel# 518-464-8913 • Fax# 518-464-8915

Chief Administrator Laura Burns Ext. 16 |
Director of Operations Suzanne Close Ext. 18 |
MLS Coordinator Scott Rummler Ext. 19 |
MLS Tech Support Associate Jason Hyatt Ext. 17 |




Tel.# 464-0194 • Fax# 464-0196

CIREB Executive Assistant Kelly Pierce Ext. 12 |




Accounts Payable/Receivable: Finance Director

Across The Association: Communications Manager

Address Changes: Membership

Agent Transfers: Membership

Commercial & Industrial R.E.B. (CIREB): CIREB

Dues Billings/Payments: Membership/Finance

Education & Trade Show:Director of Professional Development

Educational Programs:Director of Professional Development

Health Insurance: Finance Director

Legislative – Local/State/National: Communications Manager

Listing Entry: ENYRMLS Staff

Listing Changes: ENYRMLS Staff

Lockboxes/Keys: ENYRMLS Staff

Member Information Changes: Membership

Member Services:Director of Professional Development

Membership Applications – Associate/Affiliate: Membership

Membership Applications – Principal: Membership

Realtor Store: Staff