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10 Ways to Stay Safe

Posted by GCAR on September 19, 2018
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  1. Part of being prepared to deal with a threatening situation is having “an out.” If you feel uncomfortable, say you left something in your car or another agent is on their way.
  2. Make sure your phone is fully charged before arriving at an open house, showing, or meeting a client. Carry a portable charger or power bank to charge your phone on the go.
  3. Don’t be “too nice” for your own good. Follow your instincts and keep your guard up to potential predators. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any situation, leave.
  4. Let potential buyers walk in front of you when exploring a home, and always keep the front door open in case a quick escape is needed.
  5. Lock your purse in your car trunk before arriving at an appointment. Carry only non-valuable business items and your cell phone. Do not wear expensive jewelry or watches.
  6. Don’t assume that everyone has left the premises at the end of an open house. Check all the rooms and the backyard prior to locking the doors.
  7. When meeting a client for the first time, do so at the office or in a public place. Always let a fellow agent or someone in your office know who, when, and where to are meeting.
  8. Real estate agents spend a lot of time in their cars. Be sure to pack an emergency kit with water, non-perishable food, blankets, and a flashlight. You never know when you may need it.
  9. Be careful when shutting doors at open houses or on property showings. They may automatically lock behind you, leaving you stranded.
  10. When showing a home, park your car in front of the property rather than in the driveway. You will avoid having your car blocked in, and if you have to make a quick exit, it will be easier to drive away.


Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission.
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