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Floor Covering Education Puts You Ahead of Your Competitors

Posted by GCAR on September 19, 2018
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By Lisbeth Calandrino

Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

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Why learn floorcovering; after all, you’re not in the flooring business or are you? You are in the business of selling houses and helping customers make good decisions. Floorcovering is a major expense; these days there are more choices than ever and prices are more competitive. It’s just a question of knowing what’s available. Whether the customer is buying or selling a house, your expertise will facilitate or hinder the sale.

Whether you call it continuing education or professional development, keeping abreast of topics and trends gives you the edge to thrive in your industry. In fact, many professions, as disparate as lawyers, real estate agents, and horse trainers, require the completion of classes for licensing or license renewal.

Professional development … it’s a good thing!

It’s hard to denigrate an activity that increases skill sets that directly benefit your business and make you a more marketable commodity. It’s tempting to look at a required activity, like completing continuing education units required for lawyers and doctors as a burden; it’s really an opportunity.

Continuing education programs offer many advantages, including:

  • Building credibility and confidence. Be the go-to person who is on top of the game, au courant with the up-to-the-minute advances that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Reinvigorating and refreshing approach. Professional development courses encourage you and your peers to share experiences. For example in retail, this interaction serves to broaden the frame of reference and update skill sets that translate into better customer service and sales.
  • Developing and retaining your workforce. Businesses that encourage and offer professional development opportunities benefit by attracting and keeping engaged employees.

Developing a continuing education plan

Research to see if your industry requires taking courses to meet licensing requirements. Visit the GCAR education section to learn more about education requirements and opportunities for REALTORS®.


Lisbeth Calandrino is considered a floorcovering expert and has recently been recognized by Floor Covering News as one of The Top Ten People Making a Difference in the Flooring Industry. For the past twenty years, she has produced flooring training classes for major manufacturers and retailers across the country. As a certified independent flooring inspector, she is technically savvy on maintenance, warranties and flooring problems. Lisbeth is currently Associate Publisher of Fabulous Floors Magazine and author of “Red Hot Customer Service.” For more about Lisbeth, go to her web page,

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