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January President’s Message

Posted by GCAR on January 8, 2020
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By Tom McGroder

I’d like to start the year off by thanking you for trusting me to be your 2020 Greater Capital Association of REALTORS® President.

As I begin my journey, numerous members have asked me if I’m getting nervous. I never really gave it much thought until Meghan contacted me and asked for my first article for Across the Association. The blank page can be intimidating but GCAR has so much going on this year it’s doubtful that bringing you up to date in the ATAs will easily fill up this column.

2020 is going to be a great year for GCAR. First, GCAR is celebrating its 100th birthday this coming spring. A centennial celebration is in the works with save the dates to be prepared as contracts for the location and program are finalized. I try to imagine what being a real estate agent was like 100 years ago. One hundred years ago, the United States passed its first law regulating real estate licensing and the agent profession officially came to be. We’ve come a long way from pulling up in front of a listing with a horse and buggy, to searching through the real estate book. How many agents think they’d still be in the business if they had to conduct business on a horse?

As our association grew our office space did not. In November with guidance from the building search committee, GCAR’s accountant and attorney, the board of directors approved entering into a contract to purchase a new building that will expand training, meeting, and office spaces to better serve the needs of the association and the members.

Next month NYSAR will be holding the annual Mid-Winter Meetings (February 9th – 13th) at the Desmond Hotel right here in Albany. This is a great networking opportunity for you to meet agents from different areas of the state. It’s also a great way to keep up to date on issues effecting our industry.

When I began my career in real estate 15+ years ago, I never had any intention of serving on committees, the board of directors, or being the president of a large association. This wonderful honor all came about after attending a couple of local board and state association meetings. I realized what a great opportunity it was to keep current on changes happening everyday within our industry

I close with a nod of thanks to the past GCAR officers and directors and all those who serve behind the scenes for their hard work and dedication that has made GCAR what it is today – the 3rd largest REALTOR® association in New York but first in member professionalism, dedication among volunteers, and commitment among the staff.

I look forward to serving as your president and wish each and every one of our members a safe and successful year!