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John Dilanni

Posted by GCAR on January 11, 2021

Since becoming an agent in 1986, John DiIanni has immersed himself in the real estate industry. His background includes selling new construction developments, managing offices, purchasing and managing apartment buildings, to owning & managing a mortgage bank, two title insurance agencies and a real estate settlement office, John is steeped with industry knowledge. He is one of the first real estate appraisal instructors in the state and personally taught hundreds of New York State’s Certified Residential and General Appraisers. He has prepared thousands of agents and brokers throughout the state for their state license exams and their required continued education.

He is a Certified Real Estate Exchange Advisor (CREA) and quite knowledgeable in helping real estate investors defer payment of capital gains taxes. For over 30 years, John has been very active in virtually every aspect of the real estate business and now shares his wealth of knowledge with his students.

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