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REALTOR® of the Year

Posted by GCAR on January 9, 2020
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Those who have been named REALTOR of the Year know first hand the reverence and surprise of being placed in the company of past REALTORS® of the Year. Reverence because many past honorees are icons of the association, the best example of what a REALTOR® should be. Surprise because so many GCAR members stand out as dedicated industry professionals who are not only active in many community organizations, but also the work of the association.

This year when the REALTOR of the Year committee met, there were no nominations to be reviewed. No one had submitted a nominee. Preparation of a nomination takes some time but it’s always worth it. Ask anyone who has submitted one. With no nominations in front of them, the committee might have simply selected someone but they all agreed that a selection without a nomination was not in the spirit of the REALTOR of the Year recognition.

As we look forward to 2020’s nominees, we celebrate GCAR’s past REALTORS® of the Year who still support the association and exemplify the best of the best.

1993: Charles Wilson
1994: Joseph Silvey
1995: Arlene Barbagelata
1996: Robert Freedman
1997: William Sarris
1998: J. Gregory Connors
1999: Doug Engels
2000: Peter Staniels
2001: Jacquelyn Witbeck
2002: Joni Gara-Albert
2003: Paul Semanek
2004: Sandra Nardoci
2005: Nina Amadon
2006: Marie Bettini
2007: Miguel Berger
2008: Jeffrey Christiana
2009: Joel Koval
2010: Lorraine Schindler
2011: Laura Conrad
2012: Anne Carroll
2013: Victoria Gettings
2014: Susan Sommers
2015: Cathy Griffin
2016: Jennifer Vucetic
2017: Jeffrey Decatur
2018: J Thomas Roohan

We ask that throughout the year you keep this award in the back of your mind and when the time comes in the fall you all make an effort to nominate a REALTOR® of the Year for 2020.