Buyer Confusion in a Transitioning Market

CE Credit: 3

Instructor: Katheryn DeClerck

When the market shifts out of a hot sellers’ market, buyers’ expectations and behaviors change. Seller concessions, inspections, and house sale contingencies may no longer be out of the question. Rising interest rates and slower demand may also change the landscape of financing options. Some buyers may park themselves on the “fence” and attempt to wait for “the bottom” when it comes to lower prices. In this course, we will examine these conditions and how to help buyers navigate through what might seem like a confusing market.


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  • Virtual backgrounds are no longer allowed.
  • You must be centered in the camera’s view and visible during the course.
  • Please answer the moderators when spoken to.
  • If you choose not to follow any of the rules, you forfeit all CE credit.
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Wed Feb 01 2023


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Night Class


Via Zoom

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